Welcome to my humble abode. The little corner of the ‘net that’ I’ve set up camp. Inside you’ll find sneak peaks into what I have affectionately come to refer to as my ‘Cave’. A place where my imagination can either prosper and survive or fester and die.

I have filled it with what I like best. FANDOM!

Updates: What’s happening with Myana right now?

  • Kingsman AU’s - When your given an idea and just run with it. Be it Merwin [below] or Hartwin [It may happen] or even Heskwin [Who knew that little weasel could be redeemed?] Saydria has created a beautiful verse with both We Can Always Leave & Equal and Opposite ‘Verse [though I haven’t made any art for either of them yet!] To … Continue reading Kingsman AU’s
  • Smutmass 2016 - Sex? Public sex and shenanigans. Oh and sex
  • Rough Trade – Nov 2016 - Rough Trade Challenge Nov'16
  • Site Info  - Links and Basic Info about Me & The Site.

Fan Art

“…Fan Artists create ‘original’ pieces derived from popular fiction[Book, Film, TV, Games] Inspired by characters, worlds or narrative. They are rarely commissioned or endorsed by original creators…”

Fan Fiction

“…Fanfiction isn’t copying- it’s a celebration. One long party, from the first capital letter to the last full stop!…” – Jasper FForde