Green Eyes


Author: Myana Luna
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Content Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Why such faith in Harry James Potter?

Podfic – Read by Myana Luna

Green Eyes – Download

The first thing people noticed about Harry was his green eyes, the vibrant colour, the size and the unnerving similarity that they held to Lily Potter nee Evens – his mother.

Honey you are a rock

Upon which I stand

And I come here to talk I hope you understand

The first thing Lily thought when she first lay eyes on little Harry was ‘thank god its over’ followed almost instantly by not a thought, but by sheer awe. Awe in the fact that she had created such a beautiful boy. Her beautiful Green Eyed boy. She would protect him with all that she was.

That green eyes, yeah the spotlight, shines upon you

And how could, anybody, deny you

The first time James, Sirius and Remus laid eyes on little Harry, all they could think of was how they would protect the little Marauder with all they could, because their Pronglet had become the centre of their universe. No harm would come to the youngest Potter without the wrath of all three. They vowed that they would never see those green eyes fade.

I came here with a load

And it feels so much lighter, now I’ve met you

And honey you should know, that I could never go on without you

The first time Ron and Hermione met Harry, the elven year olds could not understand the sadness that haunted those jade eyes, and even as young as they were they pledge themselves to making those eyes shine on.

Green eyes

Honey you are the sea

Upon which I float

Snape could not understand the draw that Harry possessed, first with the Gryffindor’s and later with the Slytherin’s. Somehow he had not noticed the boy grow up into a man – a man whose eyes hypnotised just as his mother had done decades before.

And I came here to talk I think you should know

That green eyes, you’re the one that I wanted to find

Draco couldn’t tell you when he first started to notice Harry or when Harry first noticed him. But he could tell you the exact moment that those eyes had first held his attention. Running from the Astronomy tower he glanced back and froze, the pure rage and disappointment that filled those orbs paralysed Draco with fear. Fear that he would never see those eyes shine with happiness and never again see them pointed at himself.

And anyone who, tried to deny you must be out of their mind

Cause I came here with a load

And it feels so much lighter, since I met you

Honey you should know, that I could never go on without you

Draco watched as they lowered the casket into the ground. Harry had been his light, his saving grace. When the world had looked bleak and cold, his green eyes had shone in the darkness lighting his way to freedom. The compassion, love and understanding that had looked out at him as he stood facing Voldemort had unnerved him, the total acceptance of their situation.

Green eyes

Green eyes

“Dada, dada!” squealed the young boy “Make me fly Dada! Fly!” Silver hair whipped about a heart-shaped face framing the three-year olds emerald lamps.

“Fly? and why would my munchkin want to fly?” Draco tickled the boy.

“B’cos Papa sai’ soooo, Dada”

“Oh he did, well then, lets fly”

“Yay!, look Papa, Dada make us fly!”

Harry looked out from the patio smiling, “I see you, Jade. Fly for Papa” Rolling forward in his chair, he watched as his husband and son slowly ascended, silhouetted by the evening sun.

Honey you are a rock

Upon which I stand

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