Bunny: School & Puck

Fandom[s]: Harry Potter/Glee
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: pre-Slash, Foul Language, British Humour, Homophobic Behaviour.
Summary: Hadrian Potter Anderson is the newest edition to the Anderson family and is attending McKinley High. Watch out New Directions!

Notes: Written when Glee was still airing in the UK, approx. set in Season 3? When Kurt was with Blaine but not ‘with’ him.

Hadrian entered through the double doors that made the entrance of McKinley High, sighing he trudged onwards to home room. Blaine had told him about McKinley but the idea of another private school (Dalton) had mildly repulsed him; so here he was entering another form of hell – muggle education.

Having taken his placement exams he had been surprised to even pass – even if he was in the Special Ed. classes, for someone who had no formal education from the age of 11 he had passed enough classes to at least be placed with his own peer group.

#this officially sucks#

#hang in ther shrt stuf u’ll b home soon#

#who u callin ‘shrt stuf’ Blaine! Ur only an inch tallr!#

#aww Bunny u no u can call me any time – giv McKinley a chance. OK?#

#u call me Bunny in front of anyone Blainybear & i’l ruin u! But i’l try :S#

#luv ya like red vines Bunny :P#

Laughing Harry put his phone away and walked into his new class grinning.

Kurt had not had a good morning so far, having already been dumpster tossed and slushied, he felt as if the day could only get worse. Entering home room he moved to the back of the class where he and Mercedes got together for there post holiday fashion fix. Only there was a boy already sitting there. A small boy with ink black hair and tan skin and by the looks of it plain but obviously expensive clothes in different shades of green and silver.

Eyeing the boy residing in his spot he slowly edged his way around his year mates before leaning against the seat next to the clearly new and confused student.

“Your in my seat you know?”

The dark haired boy glanced up and pierced him with the most stunning green eyes that he had ever seen.

“Oh, really? Is your name on it?”

“Yeah actually, it’s right there” he pointed to the corner of the desk “See – Kurt Hummel – that’s me” he gave him a wide grin “but as it’s your first day I think you can sit there, on the condition you tell me everything there is to know about you and that atrocious hair!”

The boy full out giggled.

“I’m Hadrian Black, I just moved here to live with my aunt and her family…um I’m from Wales and I used to go to boarding school in Scotland… How was that?”

“And the hair?”

“My dads I’m afraid, absolutely nothing I can do about it”

“Oh well, not all of us can be as perfect and as fashion forward as me”

And there was that giggle again, Hadrian’s nose scrunched up cutely and tears formed on the corners of his eyes as he proceeded to giggle right out of his chair much to the amusement of the rest of the class.

“I think you broke him boo”

This came from an equally forward fashion’ista by the door.

Mercedes Jones had entered the class to find Kurt, hip cocked and staring down at the newbie with a sassy smile stretched across his face. Walking further into the room she took the seat to the left of Hadrian as Kurt took the seat in the right. 

Returning to his seat slightly calmer but still emitting small quiet giggles, Hadrian extended his hand put to the vibrantly dressed diva on his right.

“Hadrian Black, nice to meet you.”

“You too, I’m Mercedes Jones. How are you liking McKinley so far?”

“Its ok, but I haven’t really looked around yet. I’m still trying to decide if this is better than the boy’s school in Westerville…”

“Westerville? You don’t live in Lima?”

“No, my aunt lives over there and my cousin goes to Dalton, but boarding schools kinda squick me out…so here I am; Lima, Ohio.”

“Oh ok that’s cool”

Smiling Hadrian then turned to Kurt.

“So what do you guys do for fun around here…?”

Having survived home room, Economic’s and History with the help of either Kurt or Mercedes, Hadrian made his way towards Math on his own. Rounding the corner he felt as if he had ran head long into a wall, bouncing back he scrambled not to fall before two arms appeared to hold him steady.

“I am so sorry” he gushed, lifting his head to stare at the hottest guy he had ever met “oh…you…your”


“Wow, your really hot!” face flaming “Omg, I can’t believe I just said that!”

Mortified Hadrian pulled away then went to dart around the taller boy/man.

“I can. I mean have you seen these guns!” the boy/man exclaimed flexing his impressive arms.

“Conceited much?”

“I don’t know what that means but I’m Puck, what’s your name gorgeous?”

Starting to giggle for what would probably be the 10th time that day, Hadrian slipped into the math room before turning and coyly replying.

“Hadrian Black, but YOU can keep calling me gorgeous!”

With that he skipped over to the desks on the far side of the room.

Lunch, Phone Calls and Gleeks

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