That RT Challenge I Failed

Hosted by Rough Trade, the Little Black Dress Challenge is designed to encourage writers to develop and hone their short story writing skills. The challenge is:

….3 Short Stories (10 to 15k) in 31 days. 3 Different Fandoms fused with The Sentinel…


The idea that the Sentinel is the little black dress of fandom. Participants must write a fusion of the Sentinel and their chosen fandom for each short story.

Unfortunately due to RL obligations I had to back out of the ‘Little Black Dress Challenge’ hosted by Keira on RT.

Below are the 3 that I had planned out complete with Banner/Artwork.

These are not completed fic, but an outline of what I was going to attempt and may someday finish or delete. Right now they are a WIP and a reminder of not to over extend myself.