Evil Author Day 2016


February 15th has become the day that Keira Marcos gave us Evil Author Day [EAD]. And as a member of The Minion Horde, I feel a need to perpetuate and spread the evilness afar. Thankfully Our Queen of the Porn has allowed us to play in her sandbox.

This year I have too many WIP to add anymore; at the rate I’m going it’s looking to be more of a ‘Evil Author Year’ rather than just one day!

So this year? Yep, you’ve guessed it! Art…

Here are my 3 contributions to EAD 2016, with synopsis included [basically 3 well thought out plot bunnies] .

Kingsman: The Sercret Service- CØNTAINED

James Bond/Sherlock – Calling Three

MCU Avengers/Thor – In The Eyes of the Beholder


Banner by Chestnut Nola

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