2 Sentences. 1 Picture.

Loki – An Odessey

Loki is ever aware that his fall from the Rainbow Bridge is reflected from his helmet.


The flash of stars and of the other 8 realms permanently embedded upon the golden surface.

Facebook Post: One

This is why sometimes it’s too hard to write, if I’m tired or just not that inspired I find it hard to concentrate.


If I can’t concentrate then I can’t spell. Thankfully my dyslexia is mild and a by product of my dyspraxia. If you spell something wrong, but use the correct letters, I’m not going to notice.


BUT dyslexia is NOT an excuse for bad grammar, that’s a by product of your speech patterns and how you’ve learnt to talk – don’t mix the two up.

#DyslexiaSucks but is manageable.

#keepreading #keepwriting #stayfocussed


The Boy Who Lived

The Boy Who Lived. The Man Who Defeated. Harry J. Potter. A fictional phenomenon.

Whether it’s post Deathly Hallows or a complete AU, these are my contributions to the fandom.




Also cross posted on – AO3 & Ff.net – They have been updated, rewritten and spiffed up.

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