Bunny: Tough Love

Fandom[s]: Harry Potter/Glee
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Gay Sex, Foul Language, British Humour, Homophobic Behaviour.
Summary: The New Directions on Hadrian Potter. To Like or Not to Like??

School & PuckLunch, Phones Calls and Gleeks

“Yeah?” everyone groaned as Finn asked whilst clearly confused “Why are you so mean?”


Gasps could be heard from every member of the glee club.

“Finn!” Rachel and Kurt exclaimed simultaneously.

“What he is!”

Hadrian glanced up at Finn eyes sparkling mischievously.

“That’s tough love sugar-boo!”

This quick fire response resulted in varied reactions, from shocked silence (Rachel), sniggering/Full on laughter and one wide grin (Finn).

“Well I for one think Hadrian will make a great addition to Glee!” spoke Mercedes decisively

“Yep! We need more dolphins!”

“Ms Spears?”

“Yes Mr Black?”


“Gay sharks” Brittany nodded sage like

“Ooooh, I never thought of that! Dolphins! Haha! Blaine will love that!”

He then proceeded to take out his phone and with startling speed text the comment over to Blaine, before being shocked into once again paying attention to the Gleeks around the table.

“BLAINE!” came a collective shout


“Blaine Warbler?”

“Yes!” he grinned

“Sweetheart, how do you know Blaine?”

“Oh, Blaine and I go way back. He’s my best friend, we done everything together for as long as I can remember! Except when he moved here of course, that was when I left for boarding school” Hadrian nodded his head as if he was agreeing with himself “Yep! Me and Blaine are like this” he demonstrated by crossing his fingers.

Kurt’s facial expression became tense.

“Oh but don’t worry Kurtsie, I like my men tall and hunky” he grinned deviously at Puck.

With that he picked up his lunch tray and walked away.


Later that night Hadrian lay sprawled out across Blaine’s bed listening as Blaine waxed lyrical about Kurt.

“That’s all very nice Blainy, but what about Puck! Give me all the deets?”

“Well…from what I recall from Mercedes and Kurt, Pucks a bit of a player, a man whore you know? But if that’s what you like, you should totally go for it!” he grinned wickedly.

Throwing a pillow at Blaine’s head, Hadrian sniffed then huffed before skipping out of the room whilst screeching

“Auntie Lia! Blaine’s being meeeeeeean! Make him stop!”

“Blaine leave your cousin alone, and will both of you get a move on, we leave for Breadsticks in half an hour!”

“Yeah Bunny, hop to it” Blaine chorused.


Entering Breadsticks the first thing Blaine and Hadrian noticed that the McKinley High Glee club was in attendance.

“Oooh Blaine look, Kurt’s here” he pointed to the far corner.

“And look Bunny so is Puck!” he commented mischievously “Why don’t you go have a…a chat?” he winked.

“Oh no I couldn’t, could I? I mean I know he likes the look of me but I get this really straight vibe from him aaaand Kurtsie says he’s a player” Hadrian whispered.

Mr and Mrs Anderson watched as the two best friends giggled and tried to act if they weren’t spying on the table of teens in the corner. Looking at each other they both nodded before turning back to the boys.

“Why don’t you boys make your way over to your friends whilst we order then we’ll call you back when dinner gets here?”

“Oh mum, no we couldn’t-” “Auntie Lia, you’re the best!”


“WHAT? They said we can go, it’s only for 10 minutes”

“Yes, but you’re not supposed to agree!”

“Boo to you Blainybear, I’ma goin’ huntin'”

With that Hadrian jumped up kissed both the older Andersons on the cheek loudly, before bounding over to the New Directions and taking a seat right in Puck’s lap.

“Go look after him Blaine”

“Thanks Dad”.

“Dude! What the fu…Gorgeous! How can I help?” he whispered the last bit in Hadrian’s ear whilst wrapping his arms around his waist and squeezing.

“Just thought I’d drop in and say hi, so Hi” he leaned back and wiggled further into Pucks embrace.

“Hi back at ‘ya”

Grinning widely Hadrian pecked Puck on the check before turning to the rest of the table.

“So what’s occurin’?”

“Bu-Hadrian! Don’t run off like that, it’s rude! Hey guys, Kurt”

“Hi Blaine!”

“Have a seat Blaine”

“Thanks Kurt”

“Haha look at you two, all flirty and eye sexing!”


The rest of the table started to laugh at the two boys as they both ducked their heads and turned a shockingly matching shade of red. This made Hadrian start to giggle for what could be the 200th time that day, this caused him to start squirming in Pucks lap.

“Babe you need to stop moving or you and the Puckasorus will be ah…duelling” he smirked and high fived Sam.

“Oooooooh ‘The Puckasorus’ huh?”

With that he turned fully in Pucks lap and landed one right on his lips. Whilst those two were busy getting their mack on, the rest of the table decided to pretend that it wasn’t happening and carry on with their individual/group discussions. Because of the tables determination not to notice the two boys (that were quickly getting to the hot and heavy stage – “Hadrian!”) they also failed to notice the entrance of the McKinley High Hockey team and their approach.

“What’s up Fags?”

Turning the Glee kids gasped as they realised how close they were and then became aware that they were the centre of attention within the restaurant.



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