I am Everywhere and Nowhere – Part II

Title: I am Everywhere and Nowhere Part II
Author: Myztic Myan Moon
Fandom/Genre: The Walking Dead / Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Background Relationships – Stiles/Derek, Lydia/Jackson, Erica/Boyd, Scott/Alison and Isaac/Danny.
Content Rating: M
Warnings: Canon Level Violence, Visual Gore [gif], Kind of Crack.
Summary: The dead are walking and the Pack are trying to get home. Stiles’ comments on the Zombie epidemic.

Part I
3-4 months has passed…

We haven’t done much since holing up at The Farm. Oh, we did manage to get halfway across the country without dying [so I’ll take that as a win] and we’d picked up a few strays along the way. Go figure that ‘supes are unattractive to walkers.

Derek had made contact at one point with another group of ‘survivors’ but apparently they were too focussed on getting to the CDC to actually be any help. He explained later that the two ‘leaders’ [a pair of cops] smelt of distrust.

About 10 days into the full on Apocalypse we had met up with Lydia, Danny and Jackson [apparently Jackson had been visiting just before all flights had been grounded] – I’m still suspicious of the how, I mean, I know they’re Pack but how in the holy hell did they find us in this mess???

So here we are; Me, Derek, Lydia, Jackson and Danny, along with a the new satellite members of the group – Jordan Parrish [a Phoenix], Malia Tate [a Werecoyote], Kira Yukimura [a Kitsune] and our youngest member Liam Dunbar [another Werewolf! Like we need anymore?]. We’d met up with them pretty much one by one, apparently me and Derek are projecting safety – whatever that means… Anywho, it turns out we’re all on our way back to California [family, friends, suspicious activity etc etc etc…] So like I said, here we are, in the middle of nowhere. Fending off dead things all over the place when who rolls up the driveway, pleased as punch? Scott! Motherfucking Scott McCall drives up in a mum-mobile with the rest of the pack in tow!!!



But I digress…..actually I’m about to tangent. Did you ever see that one episode of animal planet where the ants leave the anthill and eat that racoon? No? Well never mind, the point is that ants like zombies are EEEEEVEEERYWHEEEERE. Swarming all over my nice lawn, getting stuck in the fence, smelling up my roses – they’re not mine, but they sure are pretty and I’m keeping them alive. So there. And back on track… the point I was trying to make is that one minute I’m smelling the roses, thinking we’re on the up’n’up and BAM!

Dead Man Walking.

Like all over the place.

And I mean. All. Over. The. Place.

Turns out Scott’s not just a bleeding heart but also a complete potato. A moron. A few slices short. He’s been luring and storing the dead since he got here, except now there’s too many and they’ve overrun the old barn.



Part III

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