I am Everywhere and Nowhere – Part III

Title: I am Everywhere and Nowhere Part III
Author: Myztic Myan Moon
Fandom/Genre: The Walking Dead / Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Background Relationships – Stiles/Derek, Lydia/Jackson, Erica/Boyd, Scott/Alison and Isaac/Danny.
Content Rating: M
Warnings: Canon Level Violence, Visual Gore [gif], Kind of Crack.
Summary: The dead are walking and the Pack are trying to get home. Stiles’ comments on the Zombie epidemic.

Part I  Part II

All of us bar Scott and Allison prepared for the inevitable. Maybe this time would be it. The End.

I love Scott, he’s my brother, but I have never been so angry or betrayed. The idiot will never learn apparently. He may be a True Alpha but he’s still an idiot being led around by his dick.


His belief that all can be saved was cute when we were juniors but now it’s just tiresome.

We had all come a long way; Derek was an Alpha that we loved and believed in, Erica, Boyd and Isaac had grown up and stopped believing in the fairytale that is the All-Powerful-Werewolf, Jackson and Lydia had finally come to terms with their relationship goals and were maybe heading somewhere healthy [well I hoped so anyway]. Danny was Danny, always on the fringe but still holding everyone’s confidence.

But Scott and Alison. They had stopped progressing as people and as a couple sometime in the middle of senior year. Their holier-than-thou attitude was grating but easily ignored most times, but not today.

Today we are preparing for what I hope to be the last battle. The hope that we’ll come out on top is palpable.

So hopefully I’ll see you on the other side…

Queue battle montage of epic proportions and gratuitous gore.





Downloads: PDF / ePub / Mobi


2 thoughts on “I am Everywhere and Nowhere – Part III

  1. Fucking Scott…. Lovely story, thanks!
    And how weird is it that as soon as I decide I’m going to write a teen wolf story with a zombie apocalypse in it, I find come across so many others!
    Thanks for a great read!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!
      I felt the same, as soon as I finished suddenly there were all these different stories popping up.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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