Saydria Wolfe – Caution: Plays With Words

Saydria Wolfe through her fantastic grasp of narrative has managed to inspire some really one-of-a-kind art. She has also sent me requests that I find both challenging and extremely stimulating.

When I first ‘met’ Saydria I thought to myself “This is the type of weird I can appreciate” and nearly a year later I can’t think of a truer sentiment.

You will love her work, I guarantee it. I love it so much that I consistently spammed her account and inbox with FanArt for a couple of months straight.

Now we can all appreciate good plot bunny, so much so that I have folders and folders of stuff just lingering in the cloud awaiting their own little niche area, and what? Saydria has her own little folder overflowing with character profiles, half done banners, backgrounds and ‘inspiration’ – basically a few risqué images to stimulate the artistic juices.

So, below you will find a collection of my favourites and a few miscellaneous pieces that may or may not get used.

Click the thumbnails to view AND don’t forget to go visit her web page [link at the top].

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The Plot Maker To Rule Them All



From the metaphorical image of the writer’s brain producing ideas with the abundance and speed with which rabbits are fabled to breed.

Our beloved Bunny Queen Serena [Wølfmother8719] rightly deserves a page of her own.

For her effortless additions to both writing bunnies and art bunnies. Here is my place for her requests and [can I say] fantastic ideas.

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Facebook Note: One

#Step One: Keep Your Bunny Feed

Pay regular homage to your Bunny. They will attack unexpectedly and with voracity, one minute you’ll be minding your own business and the next thing you know? You’ll be typing out a synopsis for a storyline you had no intention of proceeding with.

Always be mindful that your Bunny loves to hate you.

And when in doubt? Pass that Bunny on. The infection will spread like a zombie plague. No one will be safe. No one.

The upside? Someone, somewhere, somehow will finish what you started.

The downside? You’ll be bitten again and again, and it won’t always be a nip, sometimes those little fuckers will chew until you’ve nothing left but to give in peacefully. But know that you’ll be going down with pride and alongside a legion of authors just waiting for their time to bite back!

#Step Two: Keep Your Mind Tidy!

We all do it. Don’t look so innocent. You know you do!

You have random bits of paper stashed in books, DVD cases, open Docs, notes and various scans of scribblings from work (tut tut!) The more tech savvy of you will have apps and FB snippets sprinkled across the web awaiting a more convenient time to start/finish.

Stop! No more.

Get one App (or book or binder or collection of napkins) choose your medium, don’t let it dictate to you.

Because you know those snippets? Though they may not work with what you’re working on now, they will work sometime down the line. They will work and work and work.

#Step Three: Let Your Character Flow

It can be super annoying when you’ve plotted the end and your characters refuse to get there in a timely fashion. But you know what? Let them be. They obviously want what they want. Don’t stress. They’ll get there.

Eventually. Hopefully?? And if not? Well, who needs them anyway! Not me! Certainly not you.

Actually… Ignore that last bit (bad advice, it’ll get you nowhere, trust me.)

But, if you are having trouble? Take a step back. Do something else for a little while, or you can rope in some friends to beta what you’ve got and give you feedback. They might be able to see over that brick wall you’ve hit.

#Step Four: Be Proud!

I’m proud of you. And I don’t even know you! Your work (no matter the state) is something to be proud of.

Marvel at the sheer awesome power of your imagination. Even if it’s crap. And be truthful, we’ve all written crap (I’m not even sure this entire doc isn’t crap) but and it’s a big BUT, own it. Own every misspelled word, every grammatical error, every bit of canon that you fudged. Own your errors and be proud that you made them.

In opposition, be proud of your success. Don’t shy away from you comments and hits. Brag about them, be happy. Your success will inspire those starting out (or coming back).

Bask in the joy that you give others (don’t be a douche about it) but never, ever ever let that pride go.

You did that. Well done. You have accomplished. You thought the thing, plotted the thing, and then you did the thing.

#Step Five: Delete ‘Those’ Comments

Nobody needs that shit. Nobody.

Don’t engage. EVER.

Those insufferable little know it alls can ‘Get to Fuck’ or more commonly used these days #GFY.

Embrace your inner bitch and let rip. But do it away from ‘them’.

Unfortunately uppity trolling dicks tend to ‘win’ by default. And I stress the quotations on win, because their small troglodytic minds cannot comprehend the thought that they are not all knowing, all seeing queens/kings of the arena.

They are a waste of need data space and they only have one path ahead of them.

Straight into the trash. Out of sight and out of mind.

#Step Six: Be The Best

Well be your best. That is all you can be.

Strive for the best that you can do, and if that doesn’t work? Find someone to collaborate with.

#Step Seven: Have Fun 😆

If you’re not having fun, then you definitely not doing it right.

Writing is freedom of expression, even when you’re writing the most tragically horrifying scene you can think of. In the back of your head (the lizard part) have FUN.

If you’re not having fun, then neither are your readers.

That’s as inspirational as I get. So if it helps, know that I got this from my few forays in writing and I have fallen for afoul of each at some point or other. 

Facebook Post: Two

I get that it’s exciting when you see/find someone obviously enjoying/engrossed in a book you love, but personal space is always ‘personal’ and WE ALL need to read the verbal and non-verbal signals.


Most of us are uninterested in conversation when reading – we are reading for that very reason – don’t be naive in thinking we are all gregarious socialiser’s.


If I’m sitting in Starbucks reading and sipping on my Frappuccino, it’s because I like the atmosphere NOT the company.




Author: Myztic Myan Moon
Genre: Pre-BDSM
Relationship(s): She/Him
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, BDSM Culture, Rope Play, Depictions of Sexual Acts.
Summary: She drifts peaceful,pulled under by her own weight. Ebbing to and throw, the light grows dimmer. Her focus on Him. His on Her.

Scene I

She lay within the ropes, secure and safe. He had left the room; this was not for Him, this was wholly for Her.

She has requested space, not from their games but from her Dom. He understood that He could not always be the dominant mind in the room; sometimes She need to dominate her own dynamic.

Her thoughts cleared, Her pulse slowed, the tempo becoming the dominant sound within the room. She lightly swung from left to right, rocking to a rhythm that only a true subspace could induce.

Left. The lights mellowed.

Right. The air warmed.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right.

She closed her eyes. Drifting towards a swirl of colours, sounds and even scents.

She was at absolute peace. He had allowed her to be in control of Her space. Though She loved their shared sub drops, there was nothing like being left to find her own way.

He ahead not completely left her, He observed her quietly from the far side of the room. He watched as She succumbed to her own dominance over Her dynamic.

She was beautiful.

She was complete.


Scene III

Freedom for a Cat Named Tony 🐱

Fandom/Genre: MCU Avengers
Relationship(s): Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Content Rating: T
Warnings: Pre-Slash, Canon Level Violence, Humour, Fluff, S.H.E.I.L.D Freeform.
Summary: Prompt by Only_1_Truth: Tony has been overworked and overstressed, and to top it all off, he doesn’t take orders well, so working with the Cap has been strained. Cue a magical bad-guy and a stray spell, however, and suddenly… Stark is a cat. A little, stressed-out cat. Thankfully, it turns out that Rogers definitely doesn’t hate Tony, and is actually quite a cat person.


As usual, Fury had kept everything close to his chest and deployed Captain Tight Pants to round up his ‘Team’. Tony found himself soaring above the action not necessarily needed but still available for clean up. As boredom set in, Tony decided that a commentary was just the thing they needed to spice up the rather tedious crash, bang, wallop happening below.



“Piggy-back the CCTV, record all angles below and layer with my audio”

“Yes Sir, recording now”

“Play March of the Witch Hunters by Christopher Fitzgerald and project audio”


Tony then perched himself on a random building facing the carnage below. Lower Manhattan was in for a hell of a show.

“It’s another day in sunny Manhattan and low! The Avengers are full steam ahead. Witches’a flying, Hags’a flailing and look The Hulk is playing hide’n’seek with a ginger tabby. Oooh Captain A’s looking veeeery stern. Way to go Cap’ you tell those ladies what’s what”

Sniggering, Tony swung himself round to see where the rest of their motley crew was hanging out. Across from his perch, he spotted Hawkeye also watching the action; looking closer he noticed Clint was shaking. No! Laughing.

Taking this as a good sign, Tony recommenced his commentary.

Tony’s thoughts spewed out with little filter as usual. He commented on both the action in front of him and what he could see through the windows within the surrounding buildings.

“Well well well. What’s this? Is the Cap actually getting angry?!? No way! Ladies and Gents, I give you Captain Tight Pants all round good ol’boy getting irate! Gird your loins the Cap just said Crap! He swore. The bad language is spilling forth. Steven Rogers has lost his shit at a bunch of little havoc causing, magic wielding biddies. Hahahahhaha!!!”

“Tony! Just. Shut. Up!”

Tony knew he was annoying. Come on genius here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out. And he should know.

But lately. Lately the Cap’s tolerance had apparently reached its limits. And Tony gets it, not everyone can be as awesome as him 24/7. But Capsicle had gone too far this time. Telling him to shut up. It’s just rude. And the rest of them agreed! Even Pepper!

Well, Tony would show him. He would show them all. Unfortunately Tony forgot about one teeny tiny detail.

Don’t make wishes around unknown combatants.

Part II