Author: Myztic Myan Moon
Genre: Pre-BDSM
Relationship(s): She/Him
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, BDSM Culture, Rope Play, Depictions of Sexual Acts.
Summary: She drifts peaceful,pulled under by her own weight. Ebbing to and throw, the light grows dimmer. Her focus on Him. His on Her.

Scene I

She lay within the ropes, secure and safe. He had left the room; this was not for Him, this was wholly for Her.

She has requested space, not from their games but from her Dom. He understood that He could not always be the dominant mind in the room; sometimes She need to dominate her own dynamic.

Her thoughts cleared, Her pulse slowed, the tempo becoming the dominant sound within the room. She lightly swung from left to right, rocking to a rhythm that only a true subspace could induce.

Left. The lights mellowed.

Right. The air warmed.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right.

She closed her eyes. Drifting towards a swirl of colours, sounds and even scents.

She was at absolute peace. He had allowed her to be in control of Her space. Though She loved their shared sub drops, there was nothing like being left to find her own way.

He ahead not completely left her, He observed her quietly from the far side of the room. He watched as She succumbed to her own dominance over Her dynamic.

She was beautiful.

She was complete.


Scene III

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