Saydria Wolfe – Caution: Plays With Words

Saydria Wolfe through her fantastic grasp of narrative has managed to inspire some really one-of-a-kind art. She has also sent me requests that I find both challenging and extremely stimulating.

When I first ‘met’ Saydria I thought to myself “This is the type of weird I can appreciate” and nearly a year later I can’t think of a truer sentiment.

You will love her work, I guarantee it. I love it so much that I consistently spammed her account and inbox with FanArt for a couple of months straight.

Now we can all appreciate good plot bunny, so much so that I have folders and folders of stuff just lingering in the cloud awaiting their own little niche area, and what? Saydria has her own little folder overflowing with character profiles, half done banners, backgrounds and ‘inspiration’ – basically a few risqué images to stimulate the artistic juices.

So, below you will find a collection of my favourites and a few miscellaneous pieces that may or may not get used.

Click the thumbnails to view AND don’t forget to go visit her web page [link at the top].

temp-3   img_7654   temp-1

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