100 Words.

“For the night is dark and full of terrors”

Never before had she ever regretted such a statement. It loomed ominous over her every action.

Westros was burning, but not with fire as foretold. No, this fire was man-made.

The Starks were a shambles.

The Baratheons gone.

The Lannisters had come undone.

And the other houses squabbled in the dirt left behind.

It was time to start the long trek home. Her Gods had abandoned her, she alone could not turn the tides.

War was to be left to the young. The young and  idiotic masses.

Welcome to a new age.

An age of ice, death and never-ending winter.

“Winter is coming”




Ricochet- A Fan Cast

So here I am re-reading Xanthe’s Ricochet. And I’m really getting into it, even though this will probably be the 6th or 7th time I’ve done so – if you haven’t read it yet your missing out.

Anyway, half way through I realised that I had fan cast Matt & Rick [our main couple and can I say they are amazingly written] and being ‘The Procrastinator’ that I am, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to scive off work to create something beautiful.

After 30 straight minutes of trawling through Google, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest I finally found THE images. THE images people!




What do you think? Have I captured their likeness? Or were you picturing someone else entirely??

*You can find an excerpt and links to read/buy Ricochet on Xanthe’s site or by following the link at the top.

**Background picture on ‘Matthew Lake’ provided and authorised by the lovely Auni

Media and Fandom

It’s come to my attention these days FanFiction is now a mainstream everyday ‘acceptable’ topic; however, we as authors, artists and/or readers are still the butt of the joke in both fandom and in the public forum.

We are regularly used as comic relief for chat shows or more commonly these days as a tool to make actors, authors, generic celebrity feel awkward and sometimes downright uncomfortable whilst in front of a semi-live audience – as if both their discomfort and ours is an acceptable tool for entertainment.

Why is it funny to confront a cis hetronormative male with his not so hetro ‘fictional’ lifestyle? What is entertaining about confronting an actor – with depictions of characters they have brought to life – acting in a non canon/real life way?

The same can be sai for cis females, though I have noticed that the ‘gay/homosexual’ elements of this so called teasing is almost exclusively aimed at the male half of the couch.

If/when Fanfiction is mentioned in a serous manor, it is nearly always with mentions towards a hetro paring and staying within the confines of canon – whilst extending the plot line – essential reconfirming the original ‘end game pairing’.

Even competitions are geared towards the ‘normal’ confines of sexual pairings God forbid the main character be gay! Even when it is proved time and time again that the ‘gay’ storyline ups ratings within the 14-35 demographic.

And I’ve run out of steam.

It just upsets me time and time again when I see articles from Buzz, Huffington etc… trying to appear inclusive and non-judgmental but failing terribly. The tone seems to be ‘when I was a child and didn’t know better but know I’m an adult and as an adult I can’t condone such normal behaviour’

Well thats my thought for the week. They happen sporadically and generally aren’t that concise.