Why it’s Pointless to Argue with SJW’s.


I just don’t know….

I’m from the UK, so apologies if this comes across as insensitive or just uniformed. I see the phrase ‘Black Appropriation’ bandied about constantly within the news and social media at the moment. Now I totally understand what it is and how it appears to some people as tedious and offensive. However (this is just my opinion and is probably a product of my upbringing) does the same not apply to ‘White Appropriation’. If we are asking for white people with social influence to stop ‘parading’ around in apparent black culture or to stop ‘stealing’ black culture, does the same not apply in reverse?

I have not seen/read all of the article out there on the subject but one trivial comment stuck out. One of the Kardashians was trolled on Twitter for wearing cornrows. Now some of the comments were ludicrous, spouting how she is stealing black culture and as a white person she is perpetuating offensive behaviour. I had two split second onions about this:

1: She’s not white 2: Since when were cornrows the sole property of black people??

So this got me thinking… If black appropriation is to be stopped does this not mean that we will also need to stop appropriating white culture as black people? No more straight hair, no more ‘naturally white’ hair colours, no black country singers, no black tailors, no black classical composers etc..etc..

If we’re taking ‘black’ back can the reverse not be done as well.

Now straight away I pointed out I was from the UK, specifically London. This has given me the opportunity to live in a very multicultural arena where I personally do not see the overblown per portions of appropriation.

I would like some honest opinions, even if they are completely different to my own (but please keep any foul language or derogatory remarks to yourself! That’s not an opinion, that’s hate)



No, it can’t be and is not the same and if you knew anything about anything you were trying g to talk about you would see that.



Care to elaborate a bit more? Instead of a generic ‘you don’t know anything’…


🎵🎶It wouldn’t be generic if you knew what you were talking about. 🎶🎵



So, what your saying is that you have nothing to elaborate or an actual thought out response…



No darling, what I’m saying is I’m not google and I’m not your fucking pc. And if you want to learn something look it up or find someone who is willing to sit down and have this talk with you on a subject that you are ignorant about. And your ignorance is shown by the way you typed out your opinions. It’s rather insulting actually, both what you typed out and your response. I don’t converse with disrespectful or avidly and possibly willfully ignorant people, so I won’t waste time trying to explain something I believe you’re going to reject as untruths because of your mindset.



Why are you getting angry? Would you like a hug?

I just wanted to get some insight into a subject that I ALREADY said I knew little about due to my upbringing. I wasn’t and still do not need google/Wikipedia facts about the subject. But human opinions as to WHY you feel the way you do.

I wasn’t trying to be rude when I asked you to elaborate but your original comment was lacking.

Calling someone disrespectful because their opinion differs from your own is exactly what you said I was- ignorant.


Actually doll, it’s isn’t ignorant. Not on my part. And why are you trying to fault your upbringing? It’s your own fault. Also, just to let you know, I was never angry, I’m still not. I just think you’re idiotic at this point, to be honest with you. And I don’t touch people I don’t know, let alone people I think are stupid. Just to ask that, even in a facetious manner is disrespectful which pretty much proves my point. You are an idiotic, willfully ignorant, disrespectful person. And I don’t argue with anyone like that. Have a nice day.




Wow. You feel really strongly about this. But I note you still hasn’t given me your opinion on the matter. Further validating MY opinion that you don’t actually have one.

All you’ve done is sling insults at me for wanting to learn. How clever you must think you are.

And excuse you. I didn’t offer to touch you, I think your confused. My offer of a hug was wilfully sarcastic and 100% rhetorical.

You too have a nice day and a happy new year.



Do you not know what facetious means? Omfg. Boo, go pick up a dictionary. Better yet, you wanna know my opinion? Read my blog. I haven’t hurled insults. I’ve said the truth and you can’t handle it. That’s okay. Not many can. And I’m pretty sure I asked you to stop trying to converse with me, to continue to do so is harassment and I will report you for it. Now, goodbye.




And finally we have an appropriate response!

All you had to say originally was ‘I think your knowledge is lacking, feel free to read my blog to get an insight into my thoughts…’

See what I did there? An answer without presuming and mocking my intelligence.

Oh and feel free to report me for responding to MY post. I’m sure tumblr will be interested in MY flagrant verbal abuse of someone I’ve never met. Oh no. That would be you.

Have a fantastic 2016, where I’m sure you’ll be sharing many ‘truths’.



This is why I don’t interact with idiots. I told this dumb bitch multiple times. Observe, if you poke the beast and you get more and more idiotic responses. It’s fucking ridiculous. It’s like it’s a stalker or something lmao



Wow. You have issues. You need to step off you imaginary pedestal, you’re not that special.

How about you learn to verbalise your opinion without falling into the same trap as the uneducated masses. Slinging slurs and using foul language doesn’t get your point across; it just confirms that the only thought you have is a regurgitation of public opinion.

This ‘dumb bitch’ hasn’t actually heard what you have to say. Because shock horror! You don’t actually have anything to say.

Your moronic need to lambaste someone asking a legitimate question just shows your intolerance for anything outside of your tiny, tiny little world.

It’s sad. And I pity you. You can laugh it off and call me a stalker all you want.

It seems I’ve got my answer to my statement anyway. So thank you. Thank you for proving once again that hypocrisy is once again live and well.

Please do the world a favour and stop talking. Your making the rest of us look bad.



Now look, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even read that shit you posted other than the first sentence from my notifications. I’m not that special? Fine, feel how you feel but why are you continuously conversing with someone who is supposedly not even a blip on your radar. Let me not be that special. Like damn shut the fuck up, then.


You’ve completely missed the point. It must be very dark in that unenlightened corner of the net you’ve carved out for yourself.

I don’t think your special. Your responses push you further away from that category every time you type.

By the way, do you always assume what another person thinks about you? You appear to be quite narcissistic. You see how I say ‘appear’? That’s because I don’t assume to know you. And you know what they say about people that assume.

And unfortunately you are a ‘blip’. Actually you’re more of a ping! You know? The sound the PC makes every time you re-blog MY post. Because as much as you’d like me to ‘shut the fuck up’ I can’t wait for you to crawl back into the obscurity you came out of.

Please do try to make the grey matter between your ears do something a bit more productive. Like learning how to articulate your opinion without the use of abusive vernacular.

Do continue to have a nice day…


I admit to arguing with a trolling mentality. It happens.

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