December 2018 – Update

#SorryNotSorry for all the updates.

With me being back in fandom life and all healty again, I can finally update my website and get a backlog of art, thoughts and fic posted.

I had so many ideas just before my hiatus and now I can get back to letting you see my genius! 😉😜 LOL.

But in all seriousness, I have many more posts coming in the next couple of weeks and I’ll endeavour as always to finish my current WIP before starting anymore.

I am still taking requests for Fanart, so feel free to send them through – you can speak to me on FB or here via the contact page.

Anywho, Happy Holidays to you all and I hope you have a fantastic new year. 😘


You’re Not Racist – But You’re Certainly Something. 

You may have seen my Facebook post in the last year or so regarding my run in with Black History Supporters and the blatant disregard I received for being light skinned. If not? Here’s the below post verbatim. Continue reading “You’re Not Racist – But You’re Certainly Something. “