March Update

What’s up with Myana?

So far… in a far away fandom:
  • I’m signed up for a few art challenges for the year
  • My writing goals are currently in the pan, BUT I did complete a EAD. So yay me 🙌 Take Me – An EAD’19 Suits Fanfic
  • I have plotted and drafted a second instalment to my smutty EAD, but goodness knows what’s up with that? Like how will they leave the toilet stall … oops spoilers!
  • I have semi-migrated to MeWe, you can find me here Me! But SM is on a back burner for me at the mo. FB , IG etc all not that interesting at the moment.

So far … in a not so far away life:
  • New meds. That’s an experience so far, some real psychedelic side effects. Not harmful but very weird.
  • New allergies. Yay. 😒
  • Work is work, the world of self storage is just soooo stimulating 🤥

  • And that is it!

Here see my latest offerings:

Hogwarts is home. Part 2

Book lovers. Hogwarts is home

Podfic.: Green Eyes

Random Fanart

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