When your given an idea and just run with it. Be it Merwin [below] or Hartwin [It may happen] or even Heskwin [Who knew that little weasel could be redeemed?]

Saydria has created a beautiful verse with both We Can Always Leave & Equal and Opposite ‘Verse [though I haven’t made any art for either of them yet!]

To read Saydrias K:TSS fanfiction click here.

Kingsman AU’s

Smutmass 2016


Coming Undone

Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Tags: Slash, Foul Language, SMUT!
Summary: Sex? Public sex and shenanigans. Oh and sex.

Notes: Written as a one off for Smutmass 2016. No connection to any other fic’s and as complete as it will ever be. Un-Beta’d.

The club that we entered was packed to the rafters, pulsing bodies and equally pulsing music filled the dance floor, the bass wrapping around the edges of the room like an enchantment. I bounced with giddiness before diving into the fray dragging Draco behind me.

The crush of  bodies parted slightly to allow us minimal space within the centre before closing in on us. Loosing ourselves in the music we both failed to notice the attention that we garnered from the majority of the patrons dancing around us. Sensually moving together we were adding to the already present feverish motion. The erotic thump and grind that we – well I – had so enthusiastically thrown us into, was just another piece of an erotic puzzle.

The twists and turns of all the bodies got faster until the crowd was like one dancing – writhing body, the flow of the music almost seemed to change to the beat of dance instead of the opposite. We failed to notice the energy that we were emitting, it coiled around us tighter and tighter before spontaneously spiking out at random into the crowd, drawing various men and women into our hub.

The more we moved, the more we added to the amount of people surrounding us; The dance seem more tribal, each person mirrored the other until one dance stomped through our bodies winding and pulsing rhythmically until finally the music exploded through them.

“I need to BREATH! Oh my god! It’s fantastic here!” I yelled over the thumpa-thumpa of bass.

“Please can we bring Sirius and Remy here? Can you just imagine it? All these people grinding and writhing in LEATHER! Siri’ would have a heart attack right before Remy drags him into a dark corner!”

I started to drool before Draco averted my short attention back to him, by harshly pulling on my hair.

Groaning I wrapped myself around Draco “Draaaco! No fair!”

The blond proceeded to attack my neck, nibbling down the bare column of throat before biting down on my exposed collar bone.

“Mmm…don’t stop, pleease don’t stop…aaahh, D-D-Draco!”

I sinuously moved down his body, grinding my hard cock against his thigh. I needed friction and I needed it now.

“What do you want Harry?”

I panted and groaned, totally incoherent to anything other than the feel of his hands gripping my rear, getting closer to where I wanted him.

“Harry? Haaarrry?” Draco cooed in my ear “Answer me or I’ll stop”

Draco pulled back when I failed to responded for a second time, I saw him smirk – the bugger – and trying to supress a whimper, I clutched at his front before hoisting myself up and whispering harshly into his ear,

“I want you to fuck me. Now!”

I kissed along his jaw line, nipping at his lips demanding entrance.

“Now? As in right now, as in on the dance floor now, as in all these people watching as I bend you over backwards until you scream so loud the music will cease to exist? As in NOW!” Draco growled against my lips whilst gripping me tightly, pulling  gasp after gasp from my throat.

Shivers ran down my back from the raw sensuality in his lust roughened voice.

“Back… room” I managed to gasp out

“Fuck the back room.” He growled

I couldn’t help it. I kissed him harder than I ever had before as he slammed us into one of the many darkened alcoves, I hissed slightly at the harsh treatment compared to his surprisingly soft touches.

Wanting to be closer I pulled my top up and was rewarded with more of his aggressive side. I contemplated casting preparation charms and then moaned at the idea of him stretching me in front of all these people.

He growled then plunged his hands down my pants – thank Merlin I was commando. He traced his fingers along my crease before starting to massage my opening.

He didn’t waste any time thrusting one of his long thick fingers into me.

“Draco… more.” I breathed breaking away from the kiss.

My breath shot out as he didn’t wait and wiggled one, then two, then three more fingers inside me, I had never felt so deliciously full.

“Aaaargh Draco, harder. Yes! yes, ooh Merlin please?! Harder!”

Lost in the pleasure of his touch, I grasped first at his wide shoulders before threading my fingers through his hair,  grasping for anything to hold on to.

“Don’t stop”

I barely managed to keep my eyes open as his lips and tongue came into contact with my neck. I moaned loudly unable to hold it in.

“Hurry.” I gasped softly knowing he could hear how anxious I was.

Pulling back from my neck, he looked in my eyes. Whatever he saw there made him remove his fingers. I couldn’t help the soft whine of disappointment that escaped my lips. But my disappointment didn’t last long, spinning me around and thrusting against my backside, he yanked down my trousers before spreading my legs apart. I felt his tip tease my entrance then –

“Harry!” he cried out passionately, head thrown forward into my neck, hands gripping my hips in a hold that I couldn’t break out of as he thrust mercilessly into my tight channel.

I felt my insides burn with his thick heat. I griped my muscles around him. I started to feel us both lose control and knew if anyone was to see us they would be hard pressed not to be shocked by our behaviour.

Grinning to myself I gripped my inner muscles around him tightly, hopefully coaxing him to move faster. Seconds later he pulled nearly all the way out, leaving just his head inside me, before thrusting back hard. I let out a loud keen.

Merlin this is what I missed. He found a rhythm of deep then shallow thrusts; hitting my sweet spot nearly every time.

The music was drowning out the sound of skin slapping on skin, my continuous moaning and his grunting and growling. I could feel his body start to set in a hard clench. I could feel it tick with every thrust, before he bit down, breaking the skin on my shoulder.

This was turning out be one of the most erotic nights of my life, and I wanted it imprinted into my brain forever. I felt his grip in my hips weaken before holding me even tighter, so tight I could barely move as he grasped my weeping cock that had been deliciously rubbing against the wall.

He pumped it in time with his thrusts, my impending orgasm was starting to overwhelm my body. Finally! I  was sending stream after stream of my seed into his hand and onto the wall, screaming my pleasure into clenched fists.

He followed me seconds later, his hand squeezing my cock so hard that I came again, the surprising pleasure/pain forcing me to orgasm violently.

“You are fucking Amazing!”

Dazed and glossy eyed, I felt Draco peppering kisses over my shoulders, soothing the bite mark.

He yanked up my pants and spun me around to hold me tightly against him, whilst trying to slow down our breathing. I laid my ear over his heart and listened to it beat wildly slowing only just a little before he kissed the top of my head. I felt his breathing return to normal at the same time that I finally felt more aware.

“I think… I think that was better than our first time.”

Draco ran his hands down my back in calming circular motions before coming to rest over the swell of my pleasantly sore arse.

“Mmm.” I agreed in stupefied post-coital bliss.

“Let’s get back to the hotel, ok? I think we’ve given a good enough show for the night?”

Peering around his shoulder, I spied the group in the opposite corner who had obviously witnessed our passion, if the glazed and hungry looks were anything to go by.

As I sensed the tale-tale squeeze of apparition, I grinned, feeling completely self-satisfied, before finally waving at them half-heartedly.

It was a very good time to be going ‘home’.

Authors Note: That’s it for this years Minion-mass/Smut-mass. I do hope you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed to writing it!

Wishing you all a Very Merry [insert preferred holiday/celebration] and a Happy New Year! May 2017 be ever brighter…

Rough Trade – Nov 2016

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Why it’s Pointless to Argue with SJW’s.


I just don’t know….

I’m from the UK, so apologies if this comes across as insensitive or just uniformed. I see the phrase ‘Black Appropriation’ bandied about constantly within the news and social media at the moment. Now I totally understand what it is and how it appears to some people as tedious and offensive. However (this is just my opinion and is probably a product of my upbringing) does the same not apply to ‘White Appropriation’. If we are asking for white people with social influence to stop ‘parading’ around in apparent black culture or to stop ‘stealing’ black culture, does the same not apply in reverse?

I have not seen/read all of the article out there on the subject but one trivial comment stuck out. One of the Kardashians was trolled on Twitter for wearing cornrows. Now some of the comments were ludicrous, spouting how she is stealing black culture and as a white person she is perpetuating offensive behaviour. I had two split second onions about this:

1: She’s not white 2: Since when were cornrows the sole property of black people??

So this got me thinking… If black appropriation is to be stopped does this not mean that we will also need to stop appropriating white culture as black people? No more straight hair, no more ‘naturally white’ hair colours, no black country singers, no black tailors, no black classical composers etc..etc..

If we’re taking ‘black’ back can the reverse not be done as well.

Now straight away I pointed out I was from the UK, specifically London. This has given me the opportunity to live in a very multicultural arena where I personally do not see the overblown per portions of appropriation.

I would like some honest opinions, even if they are completely different to my own (but please keep any foul language or derogatory remarks to yourself! That’s not an opinion, that’s hate)



No, it can’t be and is not the same and if you knew anything about anything you were trying g to talk about you would see that.



Care to elaborate a bit more? Instead of a generic ‘you don’t know anything’…


🎵🎶It wouldn’t be generic if you knew what you were talking about. 🎶🎵



So, what your saying is that you have nothing to elaborate or an actual thought out response…



No darling, what I’m saying is I’m not google and I’m not your fucking pc. And if you want to learn something look it up or find someone who is willing to sit down and have this talk with you on a subject that you are ignorant about. And your ignorance is shown by the way you typed out your opinions. It’s rather insulting actually, both what you typed out and your response. I don’t converse with disrespectful or avidly and possibly willfully ignorant people, so I won’t waste time trying to explain something I believe you’re going to reject as untruths because of your mindset.



Why are you getting angry? Would you like a hug?

I just wanted to get some insight into a subject that I ALREADY said I knew little about due to my upbringing. I wasn’t and still do not need google/Wikipedia facts about the subject. But human opinions as to WHY you feel the way you do.

I wasn’t trying to be rude when I asked you to elaborate but your original comment was lacking.

Calling someone disrespectful because their opinion differs from your own is exactly what you said I was- ignorant.


Actually doll, it’s isn’t ignorant. Not on my part. And why are you trying to fault your upbringing? It’s your own fault. Also, just to let you know, I was never angry, I’m still not. I just think you’re idiotic at this point, to be honest with you. And I don’t touch people I don’t know, let alone people I think are stupid. Just to ask that, even in a facetious manner is disrespectful which pretty much proves my point. You are an idiotic, willfully ignorant, disrespectful person. And I don’t argue with anyone like that. Have a nice day.




Wow. You feel really strongly about this. But I note you still hasn’t given me your opinion on the matter. Further validating MY opinion that you don’t actually have one.

All you’ve done is sling insults at me for wanting to learn. How clever you must think you are.

And excuse you. I didn’t offer to touch you, I think your confused. My offer of a hug was wilfully sarcastic and 100% rhetorical.

You too have a nice day and a happy new year.



Do you not know what facetious means? Omfg. Boo, go pick up a dictionary. Better yet, you wanna know my opinion? Read my blog. I haven’t hurled insults. I’ve said the truth and you can’t handle it. That’s okay. Not many can. And I’m pretty sure I asked you to stop trying to converse with me, to continue to do so is harassment and I will report you for it. Now, goodbye.




And finally we have an appropriate response!

All you had to say originally was ‘I think your knowledge is lacking, feel free to read my blog to get an insight into my thoughts…’

See what I did there? An answer without presuming and mocking my intelligence.

Oh and feel free to report me for responding to MY post. I’m sure tumblr will be interested in MY flagrant verbal abuse of someone I’ve never met. Oh no. That would be you.

Have a fantastic 2016, where I’m sure you’ll be sharing many ‘truths’.



This is why I don’t interact with idiots. I told this dumb bitch multiple times. Observe, if you poke the beast and you get more and more idiotic responses. It’s fucking ridiculous. It’s like it’s a stalker or something lmao



Wow. You have issues. You need to step off you imaginary pedestal, you’re not that special.

How about you learn to verbalise your opinion without falling into the same trap as the uneducated masses. Slinging slurs and using foul language doesn’t get your point across; it just confirms that the only thought you have is a regurgitation of public opinion.

This ‘dumb bitch’ hasn’t actually heard what you have to say. Because shock horror! You don’t actually have anything to say.

Your moronic need to lambaste someone asking a legitimate question just shows your intolerance for anything outside of your tiny, tiny little world.

It’s sad. And I pity you. You can laugh it off and call me a stalker all you want.

It seems I’ve got my answer to my statement anyway. So thank you. Thank you for proving once again that hypocrisy is once again live and well.

Please do the world a favour and stop talking. Your making the rest of us look bad.



Now look, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even read that shit you posted other than the first sentence from my notifications. I’m not that special? Fine, feel how you feel but why are you continuously conversing with someone who is supposedly not even a blip on your radar. Let me not be that special. Like damn shut the fuck up, then.


You’ve completely missed the point. It must be very dark in that unenlightened corner of the net you’ve carved out for yourself.

I don’t think your special. Your responses push you further away from that category every time you type.

By the way, do you always assume what another person thinks about you? You appear to be quite narcissistic. You see how I say ‘appear’? That’s because I don’t assume to know you. And you know what they say about people that assume.

And unfortunately you are a ‘blip’. Actually you’re more of a ping! You know? The sound the PC makes every time you re-blog MY post. Because as much as you’d like me to ‘shut the fuck up’ I can’t wait for you to crawl back into the obscurity you came out of.

Please do try to make the grey matter between your ears do something a bit more productive. Like learning how to articulate your opinion without the use of abusive vernacular.

Do continue to have a nice day…


I admit to arguing with a trolling mentality. It happens.

100 Words.

“For the night is dark and full of terrors”

Never before had she ever regretted such a statement. It loomed ominous over her every action.

Westros was burning, but not with fire as foretold. No, this fire was man-made.

The Starks were a shambles.

The Baratheons gone.

The Lannisters had come undone.

And the other houses squabbled in the dirt left behind.

It was time to start the long trek home. Her Gods had abandoned her, she alone could not turn the tides.

War was to be left to the young. The young and  idiotic masses.

Welcome to a new age.

An age of ice, death and never-ending winter.

“Winter is coming”




Ricochet- A Fan Cast

So here I am re-reading Xanthe’s Ricochet. And I’m really getting into it, even though this will probably be the 6th or 7th time I’ve done so – if you haven’t read it yet your missing out.

Anyway, half way through I realised that I had fan cast Matt & Rick [our main couple and can I say they are amazingly written] and being ‘The Procrastinator’ that I am, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to scive off work to create something beautiful.

After 30 straight minutes of trawling through Google, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest I finally found THE images. THE images people!




What do you think? Have I captured their likeness? Or were you picturing someone else entirely??

*You can find an excerpt and links to read/buy Ricochet on Xanthe’s site or by following the link at the top.

**Background picture on ‘Matthew Lake’ provided and authorised by the lovely Auni

Media and Fandom

It’s come to my attention these days FanFiction is now a mainstream everyday ‘acceptable’ topic; however, we as authors, artists and/or readers are still the butt of the joke in both fandom and in the public forum.

We are regularly used as comic relief for chat shows or more commonly these days as a tool to make actors, authors, generic celebrity feel awkward and sometimes downright uncomfortable whilst in front of a semi-live audience – as if both their discomfort and ours is an acceptable tool for entertainment.

Why is it funny to confront a cis hetronormative male with his not so hetro ‘fictional’ lifestyle? What is entertaining about confronting an actor – with depictions of characters they have brought to life – acting in a non canon/real life way?

The same can be sai for cis females, though I have noticed that the ‘gay/homosexual’ elements of this so called teasing is almost exclusively aimed at the male half of the couch.

If/when Fanfiction is mentioned in a serous manor, it is nearly always with mentions towards a hetro paring and staying within the confines of canon – whilst extending the plot line – essential reconfirming the original ‘end game pairing’.

Even competitions are geared towards the ‘normal’ confines of sexual pairings God forbid the main character be gay! Even when it is proved time and time again that the ‘gay’ storyline ups ratings within the 14-35 demographic.

And I’ve run out of steam.

It just upsets me time and time again when I see articles from Buzz, Huffington etc… trying to appear inclusive and non-judgmental but failing terribly. The tone seems to be ‘when I was a child and didn’t know better but know I’m an adult and as an adult I can’t condone such normal behaviour’

Well thats my thought for the week. They happen sporadically and generally aren’t that concise.

Under 30 Words

Draco smirks. Draco smoulders. Sometimes he was just smug. But before all that?

Draco smiled. He grinned. He was a happy child in an unhappy place.

Poor Draco.

Image result for draco malfoy young

Related image


50 to 100 Words

Loki Takes a Holiday

Loki decided that’s if the All Father can’t be bothered to search the realms for his ‘lost son’ then he might as well take a well deserved holiday in plain sight.

On Midgard, well within reach of Thor and his Lady Jane.

And if this caused anyone any problems? Well it’s not like he’s doing anything wrong… These mortals seem to find mischief and mayhem wherever they resided.

Additionally this ‘Mallorca’ place seemed to attract a whole different type of fun.


Crossposted on Tumblr.