Fan Fiction

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“…Fanfiction isn’t copying- it’s a celebration. One long party, from the first capital letter to the last full stop!…”  – Jasper FForde

When I do decide to write [or more accurately scribble something down] I’ll post it everywhere! Joke, I’ll post it here and on AO3.

So far I have forayed into Harry Potter, Teen Wolf and the MCU Avengers Verse.

You will also see something I call ‘Ambiguously Original’ This tag will pop up everywhere on the site and basically denotes something created from fandom but not directly linked to one – hence the original part of the tag.

So, have a looksee at what I have written, and leave a comment if it suits.

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*Authors Note: Most of these are cross posted with Ao3, and Tumblr. They may be more complete on those platforms but that’s due to time and editing.