Fan Fiction

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“…Fanfiction isn’t copying- it’s a celebration. One long party, from the first capital letter to the last full stop!…”  – Jasper FForde

When I do decide to write [or more accurately scribble something down] I’ll post it everywhere! Joke, I’ll post it here and on AO3.

So far I have forayed into Harry Potter, Teen Wolf and the MCU Avengers Verse.

You will also see something I call ‘Ambiguously Original’ This tag will pop up everywhere on the site and basically denotes something created from fandom but not directly linked to one – hence the original part of the tag.

So, have a looksee at what I have written, and leave a comment if it suits.

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*Authors Note: Most of these are cross posted with Ao3, and Tumblr. They may be more complete on those platforms but that’s due to time and editing.

Fan Art



“…Fan Artists create ‘original’ pieces derived from popular fiction[Book, Film, TV, Games] Inspired by characters, worlds or narrative. They are rarely commissioned or endorsed by original creators…”

I work in photo manipulation, collages, and digital edits. However, now and then, I have been known to create Gifs, Videos, Drawings and Sketches. I can paint but choose not to due to time constraints and lack of true passion for the medium.

I have separated my fan art into the following categories.

temp-3     temp
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