In the last two years I’ve joined a few writing and artist groups on Facebook, LiveJournal, Tumblr etc…

This year is the most I’ve ever participated; Go Me!

So I’ve linked everything up (I hope) and as usual compiled it into a neat selection for your viewing pleasure.


The 15th of Feb is Evil Author Day



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Posted July 2016




For November 2016



Fan Art



“…Fan Artists create ‘original’ pieces derived from popular fiction[Book, Film, TV, Games] Inspired by characters, worlds or narrative. They are rarely commissioned or endorsed by original creators…”

I work in photo manipulation, collages, and digital edits. However, now and then, I have been known to create Gifs, Videos, Drawings and Sketches. I can paint but choose not to due to time constraints and lack of true passion for the medium.

I have separated my fan art into the following categories.

temp-3     temp
image     image