EAD 2016

Title: Calling Three.
Author: Myztic Myan Moon.
Fandom/Genre: James Bond [Hints of Sherlock [BBC]].
Relationship(s): James Bond|007/Quentin Holmes|Q/Alec Trevelyan|006.
Content Rating: R.
Warnings: Slash, Depictions of Sexual Acts, Canon Level Violence.
Summary: The Double O’s and their Quartermaster. Spectre AU.




Bunny Notes: An amalgamation of plots and tropes.

Q: The youngest Holmes brother. Sherlock finds him ‘boring’ and a ‘traitor’ in his crusade to make Mycroft his arch nemesis. John sees him a the child he doesn’t think he’ll ever have, mother-henning him to distraction. Mycroft is a proud older brother/father figure, supportive of his need to fly under the radar without compromising his intelligence. Not one of the approve of his current relationship goals. Wooing the hard hearted Double O’s.

007: Bond is fascinated by Q’s mind. He can help but tease the young quartermaster, just on the off chance of seeing the rebuttal form. After the events of Skyfall he never thought that he would find someone as interesting as M [he is reminded of the gentleman that sometimes appeared in M’s office **Mycroft**] . He tests the waters by turning up unexpected within Q branch, putting his [unknown as yet. Assume engineering?] skills to work as the new M has him on suspension.

006: Acquitted of any wrong doings thanks to some mission files left by the pervious M; Mallory brings a long exiled and assumed dead Alec Trevelyan back into the fold at MI6. He’s been working for Mycroft since ‘The Incident’ and now needs t recertify for the double O program. Mistrusted and lonely [very off canon] he retreats to the bowls of Q branch putting his explosive skills to the test. Unaware that Bond is hiding there as well and both are being watched very carefully by our young Q.

Plot? or Something Like It: Q’s in love. Bond in lust then love. Alec just lost [then eventually love]. John’s in background appearing with food etc every now and then. Sherlock texts and mocks. Mycroft monitors all situations by way of Anthea/Andrea/Antonia/Althea. Mallory would rather stay out of it. Moneypenny is spying for John.

Big bad appears, Q protects the only way he can. Alec and Bond miss Q whilst in the field.

Canon / Non-Canon Characteristics: Alec. Nothing like canon. I blame Saydria and Maia completely.






Evil Author Day 2016


February 15th has become the day that Keira Marcos gave us Evil Author Day [EAD]. And as a member of The Minion Horde, I feel a need to perpetuate and spread the evilness afar. Thankfully Our Queen of the Porn has allowed us to play in her sandbox.

This year I have too many WIP to add anymore; at the rate I’m going it’s looking to be more of a ‘Evil Author Year’ rather than just one day!

So this year? Yep, you’ve guessed it! Art…

Here are my 3 contributions to EAD 2016, with synopsis included [basically 3 well thought out plot bunnies] .

Kingsman: The Sercret Service- CØNTAINED

James Bond/Sherlock – Calling Three

MCU Avengers/Thor – In The Eyes of the Beholder


Banner by Chestnut Nola


EAD 2016

Title: Contained.
Author: Myztic Myan Moon.
Fandom/Genre: Kingsman: The Secret Service/ BDSM.
Relationship(s): Galahad|Harry Hart/Emrys|Peter Fletcher, Lancelot|Roxanne Morton/Kay|Charlie Hesketh, Merlin|Germain MacGreggor/Bors|Gary Unwin.
Content Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Het, Slash, BDSM Culture, Rope Play, Depictions of Sexual Acts, Canon Level Violence.
Summary: Kingsman don’t just compete for a place of prestige, they also compete for the affections of a Dom. The Dom.


Bunny Notes:  When a Kingsman retires/dies/stripped of their ‘Knighthood’ they don’t just choose a candidate for the new position, they coose a candidate that thy can ‘keep’.

The Subs are competing to be Kingsman but also to be kept by the Best Kingsman.

To be ‘Kept’ is to be a partner both physically and on the job, to protect and be protected. To keep their Dom.

Canon / Non-Canon Characteristics:  Mostly canon with the exception of Emrys and Charlie. Emrys was created (imagined up?) as an original character by Saydria Wolfe of Wolfe Tales; She also put the idea of a redeemable Charlie.