Facebook Post: Two

I get that it’s exciting when you see/find someone obviously enjoying/engrossed in a book you love, but personal space is always ‘personal’ and WE ALL need to read the verbal and non-verbal signals.


Most of us are uninterested in conversation when reading – we are reading for that very reason – don’t be naive in thinking we are all gregarious socialiser’s.


If I’m sitting in Starbucks reading and sipping on my Frappuccino, it’s because I like the atmosphere NOT the company.



Facebook Post: One

This is why sometimes it’s too hard to write, if I’m tired or just not that inspired I find it hard to concentrate.


If I can’t concentrate then I can’t spell. Thankfully my dyslexia is mild and a by product of my dyspraxia. If you spell something wrong, but use the correct letters, I’m not going to notice.


BUT dyslexia is NOT an excuse for bad grammar, that’s a by product of your speech patterns and how you’ve learnt to talk – don’t mix the two up.

#DyslexiaSucks but is manageable.

#keepreading #keepwriting #stayfocussed