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Fan-cast of the marauders should they have lived to raise hell.

Remus J. Lupin

Sirius O. Black

James C. Potter

The One We Shall Never Trust

Peter Pettigrew

Art request filled for Saydria way back when!

Stiles Stilinski – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry | Derek Hale – Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning | Alison ArgentAcadémie de magie Beauxbâtons

Teen Wolf – The Wizarding World

When the light abandons you, then run. Run hard and fast to the other side.

“Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run”


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And I find friends in all corners of this shadowed world.

Harry Potter – Dark Side

Smutmass 2016


Coming Undone

Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Tags: Slash, Foul Language, SMUT!
Summary: Sex? Public sex and shenanigans. Oh and sex.

Notes: Written as a one off for Smutmass 2016. No connection to any other fic’s and as complete as it will ever be. Un-Beta’d.

The club that we entered was packed to the rafters, pulsing bodies and equally pulsing music filled the dance floor, the bass wrapping around the edges of the room like an enchantment. I bounced with giddiness before diving into the fray dragging Draco behind me.

The crush of  bodies parted slightly to allow us minimal space within the centre before closing in on us. Loosing ourselves in the music we both failed to notice the attention that we garnered from the majority of the patrons dancing around us. Sensually moving together we were adding to the already present feverish motion. The erotic thump and grind that we – well I – had so enthusiastically thrown us into, was just another piece of an erotic puzzle.

The twists and turns of all the bodies got faster until the crowd was like one dancing – writhing body, the flow of the music almost seemed to change to the beat of dance instead of the opposite. We failed to notice the energy that we were emitting, it coiled around us tighter and tighter before spontaneously spiking out at random into the crowd, drawing various men and women into our hub.

The more we moved, the more we added to the amount of people surrounding us; The dance seem more tribal, each person mirrored the other until one dance stomped through our bodies winding and pulsing rhythmically until finally the music exploded through them.

“I need to BREATH! Oh my god! It’s fantastic here!” I yelled over the thumpa-thumpa of bass.

“Please can we bring Sirius and Remy here? Can you just imagine it? All these people grinding and writhing in LEATHER! Siri’ would have a heart attack right before Remy drags him into a dark corner!”

I started to drool before Draco averted my short attention back to him, by harshly pulling on my hair.

Groaning I wrapped myself around Draco “Draaaco! No fair!”

The blond proceeded to attack my neck, nibbling down the bare column of throat before biting down on my exposed collar bone.

“Mmm…don’t stop, pleease don’t stop…aaahh, D-D-Draco!”

I sinuously moved down his body, grinding my hard cock against his thigh. I needed friction and I needed it now.

“What do you want Harry?”

I panted and groaned, totally incoherent to anything other than the feel of his hands gripping my rear, getting closer to where I wanted him.

“Harry? Haaarrry?” Draco cooed in my ear “Answer me or I’ll stop”

Draco pulled back when I failed to responded for a second time, I saw him smirk – the bugger – and trying to supress a whimper, I clutched at his front before hoisting myself up and whispering harshly into his ear,

“I want you to fuck me. Now!”

I kissed along his jaw line, nipping at his lips demanding entrance.

“Now? As in right now, as in on the dance floor now, as in all these people watching as I bend you over backwards until you scream so loud the music will cease to exist? As in NOW!” Draco growled against my lips whilst gripping me tightly, pulling  gasp after gasp from my throat.

Shivers ran down my back from the raw sensuality in his lust roughened voice.

“Back… room” I managed to gasp out

“Fuck the back room.” He growled

I couldn’t help it. I kissed him harder than I ever had before as he slammed us into one of the many darkened alcoves, I hissed slightly at the harsh treatment compared to his surprisingly soft touches.

Wanting to be closer I pulled my top up and was rewarded with more of his aggressive side. I contemplated casting preparation charms and then moaned at the idea of him stretching me in front of all these people.

He growled then plunged his hands down my pants – thank Merlin I was commando. He traced his fingers along my crease before starting to massage my opening.

He didn’t waste any time thrusting one of his long thick fingers into me.

“Draco… more.” I breathed breaking away from the kiss.

My breath shot out as he didn’t wait and wiggled one, then two, then three more fingers inside me, I had never felt so deliciously full.

“Aaaargh Draco, harder. Yes! yes, ooh Merlin please?! Harder!”

Lost in the pleasure of his touch, I grasped first at his wide shoulders before threading my fingers through his hair,  grasping for anything to hold on to.

“Don’t stop”

I barely managed to keep my eyes open as his lips and tongue came into contact with my neck. I moaned loudly unable to hold it in.

“Hurry.” I gasped softly knowing he could hear how anxious I was.

Pulling back from my neck, he looked in my eyes. Whatever he saw there made him remove his fingers. I couldn’t help the soft whine of disappointment that escaped my lips. But my disappointment didn’t last long, spinning me around and thrusting against my backside, he yanked down my trousers before spreading my legs apart. I felt his tip tease my entrance then –

“Harry!” he cried out passionately, head thrown forward into my neck, hands gripping my hips in a hold that I couldn’t break out of as he thrust mercilessly into my tight channel.

I felt my insides burn with his thick heat. I griped my muscles around him. I started to feel us both lose control and knew if anyone was to see us they would be hard pressed not to be shocked by our behaviour.

Grinning to myself I gripped my inner muscles around him tightly, hopefully coaxing him to move faster. Seconds later he pulled nearly all the way out, leaving just his head inside me, before thrusting back hard. I let out a loud keen.

Merlin this is what I missed. He found a rhythm of deep then shallow thrusts; hitting my sweet spot nearly every time.

The music was drowning out the sound of skin slapping on skin, my continuous moaning and his grunting and growling. I could feel his body start to set in a hard clench. I could feel it tick with every thrust, before he bit down, breaking the skin on my shoulder.

This was turning out be one of the most erotic nights of my life, and I wanted it imprinted into my brain forever. I felt his grip in my hips weaken before holding me even tighter, so tight I could barely move as he grasped my weeping cock that had been deliciously rubbing against the wall.

He pumped it in time with his thrusts, my impending orgasm was starting to overwhelm my body. Finally! I  was sending stream after stream of my seed into his hand and onto the wall, screaming my pleasure into clenched fists.

He followed me seconds later, his hand squeezing my cock so hard that I came again, the surprising pleasure/pain forcing me to orgasm violently.

“You are fucking Amazing!”

Dazed and glossy eyed, I felt Draco peppering kisses over my shoulders, soothing the bite mark.

He yanked up my pants and spun me around to hold me tightly against him, whilst trying to slow down our breathing. I laid my ear over his heart and listened to it beat wildly slowing only just a little before he kissed the top of my head. I felt his breathing return to normal at the same time that I finally felt more aware.

“I think… I think that was better than our first time.”

Draco ran his hands down my back in calming circular motions before coming to rest over the swell of my pleasantly sore arse.

“Mmm.” I agreed in stupefied post-coital bliss.

“Let’s get back to the hotel, ok? I think we’ve given a good enough show for the night?”

Peering around his shoulder, I spied the group in the opposite corner who had obviously witnessed our passion, if the glazed and hungry looks were anything to go by.

As I sensed the tale-tale squeeze of apparition, I grinned, feeling completely self-satisfied, before finally waving at them half-heartedly.

It was a very good time to be going ‘home’.

Authors Note: That’s it for this years Minion-mass/Smut-mass. I do hope you enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed to writing it!

Wishing you all a Very Merry [insert preferred holiday/celebration] and a Happy New Year! May 2017 be ever brighter…

Under 30 Words

Draco smirks. Draco smoulders. Sometimes he was just smug. But before all that?

Draco smiled. He grinned. He was a happy child in an unhappy place.

Poor Draco.

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The Plot Maker To Rule Them All



From the metaphorical image of the writer’s brain producing ideas with the abundance and speed with which rabbits are fabled to breed.

Our beloved Bunny Queen Serena [Wølfmother8719] rightly deserves a page of her own.

For her effortless additions to both writing bunnies and art bunnies. Here is my place for her requests and [can I say] fantastic ideas.

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The Boy Who Lived

The Boy Who Lived. The Man Who Defeated. Harry J. Potter. A fictional phenomenon.

Whether it’s post Deathly Hallows or a complete AU, these are my contributions to the fandom.




Also cross posted on – AO3 & – They have been updated, rewritten and spiffed up.

A/N: All variations of the attached images are mine, all images found using the Google search engine and not taken from any specific sites. If you find any of your own images please contact me direct to talk.

Short Stuff.

A drabble is a short work of fiction of up to one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

Any fandom. Any pairing. Any way goes. Fanfic, GIFic, VidFic etc.. Anything is possible.

Under 50 Words   100 Words  50 to 100 Words  Under 30 Words  2 Sentences, 1 Picture

A/N: Credit is due where credit is due. To the lovely minions and bunny makers of The Bunnie Farm. Thank you for giving me ideas and letting me run with them.

To Serena, you know what you did. I both love and hate you for it. Keep up the good ideas.


Bunny: Tough Love

Fandom[s]: Harry Potter/Glee
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Gay Sex, Foul Language, British Humour, Homophobic Behaviour.
Summary: The New Directions on Hadrian Potter. To Like or Not to Like??

School & PuckLunch, Phones Calls and Gleeks

“Yeah?” everyone groaned as Finn asked whilst clearly confused “Why are you so mean?”


Gasps could be heard from every member of the glee club.

“Finn!” Rachel and Kurt exclaimed simultaneously.

“What he is!”

Hadrian glanced up at Finn eyes sparkling mischievously.

“That’s tough love sugar-boo!”

This quick fire response resulted in varied reactions, from shocked silence (Rachel), sniggering/Full on laughter and one wide grin (Finn).

“Well I for one think Hadrian will make a great addition to Glee!” spoke Mercedes decisively

“Yep! We need more dolphins!”

“Ms Spears?”

“Yes Mr Black?”


“Gay sharks” Brittany nodded sage like

“Ooooh, I never thought of that! Dolphins! Haha! Blaine will love that!”

He then proceeded to take out his phone and with startling speed text the comment over to Blaine, before being shocked into once again paying attention to the Gleeks around the table.

“BLAINE!” came a collective shout


“Blaine Warbler?”

“Yes!” he grinned

“Sweetheart, how do you know Blaine?”

“Oh, Blaine and I go way back. He’s my best friend, we done everything together for as long as I can remember! Except when he moved here of course, that was when I left for boarding school” Hadrian nodded his head as if he was agreeing with himself “Yep! Me and Blaine are like this” he demonstrated by crossing his fingers.

Kurt’s facial expression became tense.

“Oh but don’t worry Kurtsie, I like my men tall and hunky” he grinned deviously at Puck.

With that he picked up his lunch tray and walked away.


Later that night Hadrian lay sprawled out across Blaine’s bed listening as Blaine waxed lyrical about Kurt.

“That’s all very nice Blainy, but what about Puck! Give me all the deets?”

“Well…from what I recall from Mercedes and Kurt, Pucks a bit of a player, a man whore you know? But if that’s what you like, you should totally go for it!” he grinned wickedly.

Throwing a pillow at Blaine’s head, Hadrian sniffed then huffed before skipping out of the room whilst screeching

“Auntie Lia! Blaine’s being meeeeeeean! Make him stop!”

“Blaine leave your cousin alone, and will both of you get a move on, we leave for Breadsticks in half an hour!”

“Yeah Bunny, hop to it” Blaine chorused.


Entering Breadsticks the first thing Blaine and Hadrian noticed that the McKinley High Glee club was in attendance.

“Oooh Blaine look, Kurt’s here” he pointed to the far corner.

“And look Bunny so is Puck!” he commented mischievously “Why don’t you go have a…a chat?” he winked.

“Oh no I couldn’t, could I? I mean I know he likes the look of me but I get this really straight vibe from him aaaand Kurtsie says he’s a player” Hadrian whispered.

Mr and Mrs Anderson watched as the two best friends giggled and tried to act if they weren’t spying on the table of teens in the corner. Looking at each other they both nodded before turning back to the boys.

“Why don’t you boys make your way over to your friends whilst we order then we’ll call you back when dinner gets here?”

“Oh mum, no we couldn’t-” “Auntie Lia, you’re the best!”


“WHAT? They said we can go, it’s only for 10 minutes”

“Yes, but you’re not supposed to agree!”

“Boo to you Blainybear, I’ma goin’ huntin'”

With that Hadrian jumped up kissed both the older Andersons on the cheek loudly, before bounding over to the New Directions and taking a seat right in Puck’s lap.

“Go look after him Blaine”

“Thanks Dad”.

“Dude! What the fu…Gorgeous! How can I help?” he whispered the last bit in Hadrian’s ear whilst wrapping his arms around his waist and squeezing.

“Just thought I’d drop in and say hi, so Hi” he leaned back and wiggled further into Pucks embrace.

“Hi back at ‘ya”

Grinning widely Hadrian pecked Puck on the check before turning to the rest of the table.

“So what’s occurin’?”

“Bu-Hadrian! Don’t run off like that, it’s rude! Hey guys, Kurt”

“Hi Blaine!”

“Have a seat Blaine”

“Thanks Kurt”

“Haha look at you two, all flirty and eye sexing!”


The rest of the table started to laugh at the two boys as they both ducked their heads and turned a shockingly matching shade of red. This made Hadrian start to giggle for what could be the 200th time that day, this caused him to start squirming in Pucks lap.

“Babe you need to stop moving or you and the Puckasorus will be ah…duelling” he smirked and high fived Sam.

“Oooooooh ‘The Puckasorus’ huh?”

With that he turned fully in Pucks lap and landed one right on his lips. Whilst those two were busy getting their mack on, the rest of the table decided to pretend that it wasn’t happening and carry on with their individual/group discussions. Because of the tables determination not to notice the two boys (that were quickly getting to the hot and heavy stage – “Hadrian!”) they also failed to notice the entrance of the McKinley High Hockey team and their approach.

“What’s up Fags?”

Turning the Glee kids gasped as they realised how close they were and then became aware that they were the centre of attention within the restaurant.



The Boy Who Lived To Be Manip’d. – Part I

No lie, I don’t think I’ll ever really run out of scenarios to put Harry Potter into. But needs must and all that, so here are some of my favourites.

Harry Potter – Auror