Kingsman – Merwin

When your given an idea and just run with it. Be it Merwin [below] or Hartwin [It may happen] or even Heskwin [Who knew that little weasel could be redeemed?] Continue reading “Kingsman – Merwin”


EAD 2016

Title: Contained.
Author: Myztic Myan Moon.
Fandom/Genre: Kingsman: The Secret Service/ BDSM.
Relationship(s): Galahad|Harry Hart/Emrys|Peter Fletcher, Lancelot|Roxanne Morton/Kay|Charlie Hesketh, Merlin|Germain MacGreggor/Bors|Gary Unwin.
Content Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Het, Slash, BDSM Culture, Rope Play, Depictions of Sexual Acts, Canon Level Violence.
Summary: Kingsman don’t just compete for a place of prestige, they also compete for the affections of a Dom. The Dom.


Bunny Notes:  When a Kingsman retires/dies/stripped of their ‘Knighthood’ they don’t just choose a candidate for the new position, they coose a candidate that thy can ‘keep’.

The Subs are competing to be Kingsman but also to be kept by the Best Kingsman.

To be ‘Kept’ is to be a partner both physically and on the job, to protect and be protected. To keep their Dom.

Canon / Non-Canon Characteristics:  Mostly canon with the exception of Emrys and Charlie. Emrys was created (imagined up?) as an original character by Saydria Wolfe of Wolfe Tales; She also put the idea of a redeemable Charlie.