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Loki Takes a Holiday

Loki decided that’s if the All Father can’t be bothered to search the realms for his ‘lost son’ then he might as well take a well deserved holiday in plain sight.

On Midgard, well within reach of Thor and his Lady Jane.

And if this caused anyone any problems? Well it’s not like he’s doing anything wrong… These mortals seem to find mischief and mayhem wherever they resided.

Additionally this ‘Mallorca’ place seemed to attract a whole different type of fun.


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The Plot Maker To Rule Them All



From the metaphorical image of the writer’s brain producing ideas with the abundance and speed with which rabbits are fabled to breed.

Our beloved Bunny Queen Serena [Wølfmother8719] rightly deserves a page of her own.

For her effortless additions to both writing bunnies and art bunnies. Here is my place for her requests and [can I say] fantastic ideas.

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Freedom for a Cat Named Tony 🐱

Fandom/Genre: MCU Avengers
Relationship(s): Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Content Rating: T
Warnings: Pre-Slash, Canon Level Violence, Humour, Fluff, S.H.E.I.L.D Freeform.
Summary: Prompt by Only_1_Truth: Tony has been overworked and overstressed, and to top it all off, he doesn’t take orders well, so working with the Cap has been strained. Cue a magical bad-guy and a stray spell, however, and suddenly… Stark is a cat. A little, stressed-out cat. Thankfully, it turns out that Rogers definitely doesn’t hate Tony, and is actually quite a cat person.


As usual, Fury had kept everything close to his chest and deployed Captain Tight Pants to round up his ‘Team’. Tony found himself soaring above the action not necessarily needed but still available for clean up. As boredom set in, Tony decided that a commentary was just the thing they needed to spice up the rather tedious crash, bang, wallop happening below.



“Piggy-back the CCTV, record all angles below and layer with my audio”

“Yes Sir, recording now”

“Play March of the Witch Hunters by Christopher Fitzgerald and project audio”


Tony then perched himself on a random building facing the carnage below. Lower Manhattan was in for a hell of a show.

“It’s another day in sunny Manhattan and low! The Avengers are full steam ahead. Witches’a flying, Hags’a flailing and look The Hulk is playing hide’n’seek with a ginger tabby. Oooh Captain A’s looking veeeery stern. Way to go Cap’ you tell those ladies what’s what”

Sniggering, Tony swung himself round to see where the rest of their motley crew was hanging out. Across from his perch, he spotted Hawkeye also watching the action; looking closer he noticed Clint was shaking. No! Laughing.

Taking this as a good sign, Tony recommenced his commentary.

Tony’s thoughts spewed out with little filter as usual. He commented on both the action in front of him and what he could see through the windows within the surrounding buildings.

“Well well well. What’s this? Is the Cap actually getting angry?!? No way! Ladies and Gents, I give you Captain Tight Pants all round good ol’boy getting irate! Gird your loins the Cap just said Crap! He swore. The bad language is spilling forth. Steven Rogers has lost his shit at a bunch of little havoc causing, magic wielding biddies. Hahahahhaha!!!”

“Tony! Just. Shut. Up!”

Tony knew he was annoying. Come on genius here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out. And he should know.

But lately. Lately the Cap’s tolerance had apparently reached its limits. And Tony gets it, not everyone can be as awesome as him 24/7. But Capsicle had gone too far this time. Telling him to shut up. It’s just rude. And the rest of them agreed! Even Pepper!

Well, Tony would show him. He would show them all. Unfortunately Tony forgot about one teeny tiny detail.

Don’t make wishes around unknown combatants.

Part II

2 Sentences. 1 Picture.

Loki – An Odessey

Loki is ever aware that his fall from the Rainbow Bridge is reflected from his helmet.


The flash of stars and of the other 8 realms permanently embedded upon the golden surface.

Short Stuff.

A drabble is a short work of fiction of up to one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

Any fandom. Any pairing. Any way goes. Fanfic, GIFic, VidFic etc.. Anything is possible.

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A/N: Credit is due where credit is due. To the lovely minions and bunny makers of The Bunnie Farm. Thank you for giving me ideas and letting me run with them.

To Serena, you know what you did. I both love and hate you for it. Keep up the good ideas.