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This is my voice of not much reason. This is the void that regularly invades constructive thought.” – Myana Luna


  • Why it’s Pointless to Argue with SJW’s. (8/17/2016) - myzticmyanmoon I just don’t know….   I’m from the UK, so apologies if this comes across as insensitive or just uniformed. I see the phrase ‘Black Appropriation’ bandied about constantly within the news and social media at the moment. Now I totally understand what it is and how it appears to some people as tedious … Continue reading Why it’s Pointless to Argue with SJW’s.
  • Media and Fandom (6/3/2016) - It’s come to my attention these days FanFiction is now a mainstream everyday ‘acceptable’ topic; however, we as authors, artists and/or readers are still the butt of the joke in both fandom and in the public forum. We are regularly used as comic relief for chat shows or more commonly these days as a tool … Continue reading Media and Fandom
  • Facebook Note: One (4/25/2016) - #Step One: Keep Your Bunny Feed Pay regular homage to your Bunny. They will attack unexpectedly and with voracity, one minute you’ll be minding your own business and the next thing you know? You’ll be typing out a synopsis for a storyline you had no intention of proceeding with. Always be mindful that your Bunny … Continue reading Facebook Note: One
  • Facebook Post: Two (4/18/2016) - I get that it’s exciting when you see/find someone obviously enjoying/engrossed in a book you love, but personal space is always ‘personal’ and WE ALL need to read the verbal and non-verbal signals.   Most of us are uninterested in conversation when reading – we are reading for that very reason – don’t be naive … Continue reading Facebook Post: Two
  • Facebook Post: One (3/19/2016) - This is why sometimes it’s too hard to write, if I’m tired or just not that inspired I find it hard to concentrate.   If I can’t concentrate then I can’t spell. Thankfully my dyslexia is mild and a by product of my dyspraxia. If you spell something wrong, but use the correct letters, I’m … Continue reading Facebook Post: One
  • Random Find (1/21/2016) - Discovering Kindle Worlds… So I was trailing through Amazon (I have an unhealthy need to spend money) and I came across Kindle Worlds? Anyone else heard of it? Well if not; apparently since approx. 2013, if you write in a specific fandom (listed somewhere in the T&C’s) you can now publish and SELL FanFiction… I’m … Continue reading Random Find