Rough Trade – Nov 2016

This years RT November challenge is:


Banner by Jilly James

I was asked by three lovely authors to create a banner that represented their interpretation of the challenge.

Saydria Wolfe


Writing Hitsuzen



Pretzel / Scarlet__Gryphon


Whilst I am posting links to each authors project file, please be aware that to read any upcoming post you will need to do the following;

  1. Join Rough Trade.
  2. Abide by the very CLEAR rules set out by KM and her mods.
  3. Refrain from pestering the author or myself about updates as per No.2
  4. Enjoy yourself and don’t fall afoul of the #GFY tag.

That RT Challenge I Failed

Hosted by Rough Trade, the Little Black Dress Challenge is designed to encourage writers to develop and hone their short story writing skills. The challenge is:

….3 Short Stories (10 to 15k) in 31 days. 3 Different Fandoms fused with The Sentinel…


The idea that the Sentinel is the little black dress of fandom. Participants must write a fusion of the Sentinel and their chosen fandom for each short story.

Unfortunately due to RL obligations I had to back out of the ‘Little Black Dress Challenge’ hosted by Keira on RT.

Below are the 3 that I had planned out complete with Banner/Artwork.

These are not completed fic, but an outline of what I was going to attempt and may someday finish or delete. Right now they are a WIP and a reminder of not to over extend myself.