Art request filled for Saydria way back when!

Stiles Stilinski – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry | Derek Hale – Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning | Alison ArgentAcadémie de magie Beauxbâtons

Teen Wolf – The Wizarding World

When your given an idea and just run with it. Be it Merwin [below] or Hartwin [It may happen] or even Heskwin [Who knew that little weasel could be redeemed?]

Saydria has created a beautiful verse with both We Can Always Leave & Equal and Opposite ‘Verse [though I haven’t made any art for either of them yet!]

To read Saydrias K:TSS fanfiction click here.

Kingsman – Merwin

Rough Trade – Nov 2016

This years RT November challenge is:


Banner by Jilly James

I was asked by three lovely authors to create a banner that represented their interpretation of the challenge.

Saydria Wolfe


Writing Hitsuzen



Pretzel / Scarlet__Gryphon


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Something AU







A/N: All images found using Google/Bing and not pulled from any specific sight/blog. All images created by Myztic Myan Møøn [Me!] for Saydria Wolfe.

Synthetic – An Almost Human AU

A/N: All images found using Google/Bing and not pulled from any specific sight/blog. All images created by Myztic Myan Møøn [Me!] for Saydria Wolfe.


Saydria Wolfe – Caution: Plays With Words

Saydria Wolfe through her fantastic grasp of narrative has managed to inspire some really one-of-a-kind art. She has also sent me requests that I find both challenging and extremely stimulating.

When I first ‘met’ Saydria I thought to myself “This is the type of weird I can appreciate” and nearly a year later I can’t think of a truer sentiment.

You will love her work, I guarantee it. I love it so much that I consistently spammed her account and inbox with FanArt for a couple of months straight.

Now we can all appreciate good plot bunny, so much so that I have folders and folders of stuff just lingering in the cloud awaiting their own little niche area, and what? Saydria has her own little folder overflowing with character profiles, half done banners, backgrounds and ‘inspiration’ – basically a few risqué images to stimulate the artistic juices.

So, below you will find a collection of my favourites and a few miscellaneous pieces that may or may not get used.

Click the thumbnails to view AND don’t forget to go visit her web page [link at the top].

temp-3   img_7654   temp-1

  temp   img_7653 


Oathbound by Wolfe Tales

Title: Oathbound
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom[s]: Harry Potter
Series: The Bound Verse
Relationship[s]: Harry/Neville and various side pairings.
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Male/Male, PTSD, Mentions of Child Abuse – Mental & Physical, Canon Level Violence.
Summary: An alternate explanation for why Harry used Neville’s name to get on the Knight Bus and all of the consequences. Alternate Timeline – Sirius escapes Azkaban pre-sixth year.


You can find Saydria Wolfes epic HP adventure here.