Random Fanart

Way-back-when. Art with no place or a remembered purpose. Continue reading “Random Fanart”

Teen Wolf – The Wizarding World

Art request filled for Saydria way back when! Continue reading “Teen Wolf – The Wizarding World”

I am Everywhere and Nowhere – Part III

Title: I am Everywhere and Nowhere Part III
Author: Myztic Myan Moon
Fandom/Genre: The Walking Dead / Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Background Relationships – Stiles/Derek, Lydia/Jackson, Erica/Boyd, Scott/Alison and Isaac/Danny.
Content Rating: M
Warnings: Canon Level Violence, Visual Gore [gif], Kind of Crack.
Summary: The dead are walking and the Pack are trying to get home. Stiles’ comments on the Zombie epidemic. Continue reading “I am Everywhere and Nowhere – Part III”