Rant. 1/?

Rant Ahead (with bad language):

I’m not usually bothered by comments on my writing. I don’t usually specifically request or deny con/crit. I don’t even mind a few ‘please update soon’. I can understand the sentiment behind the comment, having thought the same myself many a time. 

This morning (if you can even call it that – it was hella dark!) I received that little ping of a new email and ‘lo n’behold – 1 new comment. Now I don’t write a lot, so kudos, favourites, subscribes & comments are a special type of crack for me. However, in the pitch black this morning before even fully waking up I received the following:

‘It’s nice art and all, but it’s been 2 months :(. Don’t you think you should update the actual fic now?’


1st. Fuck You.

2nd. FUCK YOU!

3rd. FUUUCK YOU! Do you think I’m some sort of simpleton? I’m the author, I’m very much aware of when I last updated. I did the fucking update! If you had bothered to read the tags it says ‘will update sporadically & when each chapter fully completed’ not when – you – want me to. 

I’ve never deleted a comment before. I’ve never really felt the need to. But then this caused me to look at the other comments and you know what? I take a lot shit that’s just not acceptable to other authors. So again, I hit delete. 

Starting a comment (read: criticism) with ‘I think’ is just not gonna fly anymore. You either know or you don’t know. If I’ve got something jarringly wrong PM me. It’s not hard. I’m not going to take offence; I don’t always complete research before posting, I don’t always cross check the colloquialisms. Som times I just post what sounds right to me. And I get it. That can be irritating, but there are back buttons and little x’s for a reason. 

I’ve had a whole day with this stewing in my head, thinking maybe I’m over reacting but you know what? I could give 2 shits right now. I’m done. Not just with this rant but also with idiots that can’t exercise simple common curtesy. 

I do not write fic or create FanArt to be told I’m not doing it fast enough. If you don’t like it #GFY

Ok. Rant over. I feel marginally better. Thank you.

Random Find

Discovering Kindle Worlds…

So I was trailing through Amazon (I have an unhealthy need to spend money) and I came across Kindle Worlds? Anyone else heard of it?

Well if not; apparently since approx. 2013, if you write in a specific fandom (listed somewhere in the T&C’s) you can now publish and SELL FanFiction…

I’m very confused right now. Most publishers kind of love to hate us, right? They love the money we bring into fandoms, but we’re basically that crazy aunt no one talks about.

As usual it comes down to money. ‘We’ sell it to run ‘our’ sites, blogs, fanzines etc… and they make the bulk revenue AND they have the right to take your ideas if you publish!!!

Another odd one? LJ Smith of TVD, now publishes the rest of the series there as CW fired her!

I’m just too weirded out by the idea of selling FanFiction.